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Enjoy a truly unique and authentic cultural journey through Northeastern Uganda, meeting local villages, tribes, and Karamajong communities. Experience a true touch of tradition, history, and community connections. This off-the-beaten-path journey comes with a lot of wildlife viewing rewards and priceless natural views.

Kidepo Valley National Park is one of the most spectacular but also most remote national parks in Uganda. Hidden in the northeast corner of the country, Kidepo ranks among Africa’s riches wilderness parks. Enjoy a priceless game drive in search of giraffes, ostriches, zebras, elephants, and lions to name a few. The park is also a birders paradise as it boasts a bird list with over 475 species.

At Mount Elgon National Park enjoy the spectacular waterfalls called Sipi Falls.

The Best of Northeast Uganda

Kara-Tunga hiking trail

This itinerary can be as short as a few days if that’s all the free time you have and truly desire an of-the-beaten-path journey. The more time you have the more you can experience by spending a few days at all three locations within this path. We recommend no less than 7 days but best if it’s 8-10 days. We have listed the array of things possible during this tour of Northeast Uganda. 


  • in SIPI FALLS: Drive to your hotel in Sipi Falls near Mount Elgon National Park while enjoying the scenic views.

    Pick from several activities for all ages. Whether you are a mountain climber, hiker or biker, the path through Sipi Falls will provide you with a fascinating picturesque journey that can last for days. Enjoy a coffee farm tour.

On the path: Visit Pian-Upe Wildlife Reserve for a wildlife game drive. Have a bush walk with a reserve ranger and learn about its birdlife, plants, and wildlife.

  • in MOROTO: In Moroto you will have an array of activities truly off-the-beaten-path. From cultural hikes/walks to the foothills and nature bike rides to meet the Tepeth-tribe, traditional villages, and Karamajong homes and communities. Learn about their knowledge of herbals, traditional ways, religious beliefs, and more. 

    Other fun activities include canoe trekking excursions and a unique Archaeology & History Tour. In the evening(s) visit Kraal’s to see a warrior’s life in a working cattle camp. Hands-on activities are available.

On the path: Visit East Africa’s largest village and experience the great warrior Jie-tribe.

  • in KIDEPO VALLEY: Enjoy priceless game drives in search of giraffes, ostriches, zebras, elephants, lions, and many more. A birders paradise of over 475 species.
    Kidepo Valley National Park is one of the most spectacular parks, hidden in the northeast corner of the country. Also, visit the Kanangorok Hot Spring.

    Option A: Drive to and from Entebbe/Kampala

    Option B: Drive there and Fly back to Entebbe (recommended) a very beautiful scenic aerial view.

Have extra time? Add other activities to your itinerary (see below)

Just know that if you wanted to do a full circle and add a few extra days you can also add other tours like the Jinja tour which is on your path going North. Chimp trekking can follow afterward. The options are endless with a bit of extra time.

Just know that if you wanted to do a full circle and add a few extra days you can also add other tours like the Jinja tours which are on your path going North. Chimp trekking can follow afterward. In Kampala and Entebbe, there are many city activities, gift shopping, nightlife, wildlife sanctuaries, etc.

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