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Back to the Source Tours

About us

Welcome to Back to the Source Tours! We started this multi-platform travel and lifestyle agency offering travelers advice and our vetted recommendations. We are a duo that extends to a larger team when we organize group trips.

We’ve merged our professional backgrounds and our travel & tourism experiences to develop unique tour itineraries in beautiful destinations whether in a group or an intimate setting. 

Our group tours offer exceptional perks and discounts because together with our hospitality partners, we incentivize guests that share their journey with their communities. We commit to providing the best travel advice, recommendations and deals using our broad travel networks in designated areas.

Our organized group trips work like this:

  • Join us on one of our pre-planned annual trips. (Perfect for travelers with different budgets).
  • Invite your friends to register for one of our tours OR wait for other travelers matching the group’s dynamics to register their interest. Once we have enough sign-ups, we will organize it for the group.
  • Sign-up to show your interest in registering to join one of our “influencer hosted group trips” dubbed “Back to the Source Tours”. These guided tours come with even more perks.

You’ll find that our consultation and support will equip you with all the info needed to make your travel plans.

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and further explain your travel desires.


  • Email: backtothesourcetours[@]


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not a single act, but a habit.”