We are a sustainability-focused tour operator company passionate about providing our travelers with unforgettable experiences while minimizing our impact on the planet. We are committed to supporting local communities, less crowded paths, and protecting the environment as much as possible.

We pay our local staff properly, promoting responsible travel practices while selecting partners with the same vision and views. From reducing our carbon footprint to eliminating one-use plastics, our team is committed to making a positive difference in our beautiful world. Join us on a journey that allows you to explore new destinations and helps protect and preserve them for future generations.

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MORE ABOUT US: Back to the Source Tours is a multi-platform travel and lifestyle agency offering our clients tailor-made itineraries and full concierge services. 

We specialize in luxury to upper-mid-range itineraries and provide full vacation planning and management. 

We offer a wide range of sustainable tours to destinations in East Africa and through our partnerships in several other countries in the Caribbean, from eco-lodges in nature’s parks and rainforests to cultural immersion programs that give you an authentic experience. Our tours are designed to give travelers a deep understanding of the places they visit and the people who live there. We also work with locally-owned businesses and tour guides whenever possible, and we donate a portion of our profits to environmental and social causes.

Our destination partners are extremely vetted giving our community assurance in safety, trust, and a priceless experience. 

We can comfortably organize itineraries in different languages: English, German, and Spanish are our mother tongues.

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