Long-Stay Arrangements

In the new world of remote work, living abroad sounds way more attractive these days. The dream job for a digital nomad. With its stunning scenery, friendly people, and low cost of living, countries in East Africa are the best destinations for work, relaxation, fun, adventures, wanders, and more.

It’s hard to go at it on your own. As avid travelers and digital nomads ourselves, we understand the importance of connecting and working with folks who have been in that particular country for at least a few years. That’s us! We’ve been around for 11 years.

Our staff can provide guidance and/or manage your entire transition and the day-to-day needs. You can trust that we use absolute transparency, vetted service providers, and record-keeping methods.

Our properties come equipped with things you’ll need like Wi-Fi connectivity and working spaces, and we can also help you find eco-friendly lodging that supports local communities and minimize their environmental footprint. This is easier done in rural areas or upcountry. We’ll also provide you with a list of sustainable activities you can partake in on your days off (guided or not).

We’d love to hear all about your travel goals and expectations. Contact us and let’s start the conversation.

From beginning to end, we will handle all the necessary steps
just like a personal assistant would.
The following are services we can help you with.

Here are some specific ways that we can help you travel sustainably in East Africa:

We always aim to pair our caring clients with service providers who actively use sustainability practices in their day-to-day movements. Using renewable energy, recycling waste systems, hiring community members, and sourcing food from local farms matter to us all.

  • We will coordinate everything from arranging the perfect accommodation based on your budget and always prioritizing your safety, comfort, and needed amenities like high-speed internet, a working space, etc.
  • We will pair you with a trusted and vetted local housekeeper/cook who can handle all your cleaning, washing, and cooking needs. This is a common job in this part of the world and provides work to the local community.
  • Preparing to travel (visa, ticketing options, travel insurance, healthcare, packing lists)
  • Accommodation (our priority is safety! Budget. Comfort. Amenities. Area.) 
  • Finding work (Your skills are needed here too)
  • Best transportation options and how they work (car rentals, private hires, public transportation)
  • Manage and/or train you on paying bills, purchasing food, and setting up all other necessary systems for both your personal and business life. 
  • You may get tired of working from home. We can show you and set you up with nearby co-working space memberships.
  • We can recommend language classes should you want to learn more.
  • Networking events, cultural tours, and activities are plenty here. We can help you decide which ones are a perfect match for you and organize your attendance.
  • We can organize hands-on humanitarian and environmental project participation-volunteering projects (lake clean-up, tree planting, community enhancement, skill training, let’s build something, etc).
  • You will also have us available to answer all your questions as you begin to settle in via phone, text, and in person. We usually us on WhatsApp.
  • If you are traveling with a pet, that is totally OK! We will help you organize for your furry family member. There are tons of pet-friendly choices.

During your stay, we handle all your needs such as:


We want to make sure you are happy and feel confident about your decision. While staying at one of our properties you will be paired up with a pretty savvy local that will help guide you through the daily life of that country. 

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