Emburara Farm Lodge in Mbarara, Uganda Ankole cows

Emburara Farm Activities

Discover a sense of tranquillity alongside the farm’s well-tempered long-horned Ankole cows. Check out their list of the morning, afternoon, and evening activities. You are welcome to simply watch the process by the farmer/tour guide or participate hands-on. It’s never too early or too late to discover new adventures that heal your inner core like these experiences. Here’s a list of awesome things to do at Emburara Farm Lodge worthy of a 2-3 day stay in order to fully cover and enjoy the property grounds.

  • Milking is an early morning and evening activity that happens daily. You can watch the farmers doing this or participate in milking an Ankole cow. Not to worry, the farmers can guide you on how to do it correctly.
  • Cleaning a cow by wiping it using a special bundle of sisal material called enkuyo, to remove any dirt on the body while cows are being milked or resting. They enjoy the cleaning and so will you.
    You can also stroke and/or massage the cows while you are next to the farmer. You will love experiencing their graceful ways.

  • Watch the release of calves as they reunite with their mothers for feeding.
  • Okwakirira is a milk processing method performed by women using unique utensils, pots and gourds. You will get the great opportunity of watching or participating in the process. 
  • Okukwatira is an advance course in cow farming in which you can help the farmer hold the fore legs of a calf to one position while the mother cow is being milked to avoid disturbing the person doing the milking. You can participate or just watch. Quite an interesting activity.
  • Okuseetura is the act of taking cattle on a short walk to graze directly after milking. Experience walking and directing cattle to the best spots for grazing. In this activity, cattle are taken for a short distance, waiting for the cattle keeper of the day to finish drinking his last round of water until the evening.

7:30am to 9:00am Daily

Learn the process of making and storing Ghee. Its a form of milk churning with fermented milk.

From 12pm to 1:00pm

  • Okweshera is the act of taking the cattle to drink water.
    You’ll start by smearing nutritional mud all around the water trough followed by pouring water into the trough before the cattle begin to arrive with a big thirst. Sit back and enjoy watching them drink water. Be vigilant that everyone gets their fair share of water.

4:00pm to 5:00pm

  • Help clean the milk gourds and pots and all its unique procedures.
  • In the afternoon, the process of making Ghee requires further processing.
  • Help bring in the “calves” from the field and put them in their evening shelter.

In the evening, enjoy dance and song performances surrounded by a grand bonfire. You may also enjoy a cozy dinner and/or drinks by the bonfire. This is an inclusive activity so feel free to get up and dance to the rhythm of the beat.

The lodge grounds have other great amenities. Check out their hotel webpage > Emburara Farm Lodge.

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