The Boma

Entebbe’s Premier Boutique Hotel

The Boma Hotel in Entebbe is set in tropical gardens within a leafy suburb, a few minutes’ drive from Entebbe International Airport. Their rooms combine the modern comforts one expects today with the charm and character of the original 1940s home. It’s an ideal stopover for all airline passengers. 

The comfortable self-contained rooms are fitted with an attractive combination of English-colonial furnishings and African fabrics.


• 24Hr Services / Reception • Four Poster Beds with mosquito nets • Private verandah • En-suite bathroom • Satellite TV • Daily House Keeping • Safes • Wireless Internet and solar heated hot water shower

Rooms are available with either twin beds or king size double beds. Please specify the type of room configuration you prefer when making a reservation. Family rooms and Triples are available, as are cots for babies.

Triple Rooms: Our Triple Rooms are furnished with a King size bed and a Single bed. A limited number of our Twin bedded rooms can be configured to have 3 single beds.

Double Rooms & Twin Rooms: Our Double rooms have 1 King Size bed.  Our Twin bedded rooms have 2 singe beds.

Single Rooms: Our single occupancy rooms have either 1 King size bed or 2 single beds, depending on availability.

Budget Room: This room has a private bathroom across the corridor for the sole use of the budget room guests. The room has 2 singe beds.

Hotel Grounds

The Boma Amenities

Their restaurant is for residents only and is open from 6am to 10pm. They serve mostly homemade European-style meals, with a dash of Indian, Thai, and Mediterranean choices. The Boma usually has specials available every few days, and their chefs are always willing to make specific dishes if they are informed in advance. Several vegetarian and vegan options are available.

Internet Access
The Boma has free wi-fi internet throughout most of their buildings.

They have a free computer in an office for guests to use for the internet. There is also a scanner, printer, and photocopy machine available. A great service for digital nomads and longer stays.

Same-day service; depending on the weather!

International calls can be made from the Reception.

Swimming Pool
A private swimming pool is available to residents only, and there are several pool floating toys for children.

They have a selection of board games (Risk, Scrabble etc), garden games (Croquet, Boules etc), and a pool table. They also have a small playground and sandpit for kids.

There are TVs in all the rooms showing several international channels. There is also a big screen TV in the bar featuring DSTV channels (so if you need to watch a specific sports channel please let the barman know in advance).

Craft Shop
There is a small craft shop in the car park area, which sells local arts and crafts from Uganda.

Sustainability Practices

At The Boma they are committed to operating in a manner that maintains a balance between helping the environment and the community in which we live while providing guests with a comfortable atmosphere to relax in. 

Hot Water
The Boma uses solar water heaters for all their showers. This reduces the electricity consumption of the hotel drastically. Water is a scarce commodity in Africa; customers can help save water by spending less time in the showers. They also utilize a water catchment system enabling them to store rainwater and pump it into the main tanks when needed.

Water Catchment
They utilize a water catchment system enabling them to catch and store rainwater in separate tanks. They use this for gardening, or to pump treated water into the main tanks when needed during water shortages.

Drinking Water
They use large reusable 20 litre mineral water fountains, which they dispense into glass jugs (in the rooms and in the restaurant). This cuts out plastic water bottle waste 100%.

They exclusively use energy-saving bulbs throughout the hotel to reduce energy costs.

Locally Sourced Produce
Where possible they use locally sourced fruits, vegetables, and meats in their restaurant.

Home Grown
They home-grow most of their salad ingredients, fruits, and vegetables. They also compost organic waste to make fertilizer.

Recycling Paper & Glass
The Boma supports papercraft, a fantastic grassroots project that makes eco-friendly products such as menu covers, recycled paper used in albums, notebooks, and glass beads. They also make the hand-made soaps that we use in our guest bedrooms. Their glass waste (wine bottles, broken glasses, jam jars) and all of the paper waste are taken to papercraft and recycled. Many of the items in their craft shop are from this source.

They use bicycles for running short errands to shops, for delivering waste material to the composter, and for collecting fruit and vegetables from their gardens. Bicycles are also available for clients of rental basis if they want to explore Entebbe in an environmentally friendly manner.

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