Igongo Cultural Center Mbarara

About Igongo Cultural Center in Mbarara, Uganda

Igongo Cultural Centre & Country Hotel is a leading recreational complex comprising of the captivating & one of the best museums in Uganda, Eriijukiro (the museum of South Western Uganda), a traditional restaurant, bar, luxurious & a spacious 5 star hotel located exactly 12km along the scenic Mbarara Masaka highway. It is the ultimate destination for lovers of history, art, culture and comfort.

A staple of ultimate African luxury, Igongo merges comfort, relaxation and recreation in an environment offering gorgeous scenery & beautiful gardens that capture the imaginations of both the young and the old. The complex is an attraction to a diversity of people and cultures both local and international.

The Igongo Cultural Centre is located a few miles north of Mbarara on the Masaka to Mbarara road. Opened at Christmas 2011 by Ugandan President Museveni

The centre promotes the cultural heritage of south-west Uganda which is encompassed in the centre’s motto “Wisdom is rooted in the Past”. Within the centre, visitors can find the Eriijukiro museum ~ a tour of which takes around half an hour.

Walk the Eitaramiro cultural village showing the evolution of typical Nyankore and Kigezi households; twenty two bed accommodation; restaurant (where you can try locally sourced traditional dishes of millet bread, matooke and ghee, along with a local drink made from millet or sorghum), the Nkwanzi craft and book shop and the Mbuuro gardens which feature historical sculptures of animals and people.

Visitors can explore how their grandparents lived with a collection of historical artifacts brought to life with clay models and featured presentations. The Igongo Cultural Centre also features information about the ancient tribes and clans of Uganda. Well worth a visit!

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